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Oscar Polli (Italy), 9th at Rally of Tunisia 2008 fitting Surflex® anti-hop slipper clutch (KTM 450)
Off-Road kit packaging (Honda)
From Surflex® range of products for Harley Davidson
From Surflex® range for classic bikes (Aermacchi)
Surflex® at Anaheim, California 2008
Max Fulconis (France), 3rd at National Supermotard Championship fitting Surflex® anti-hop slipper clutch (Husqvarna 250)
From Surflex® range of products for Ducati
Giuseppe Greco (Italy-U.S.A.), at SX AMA Championship 2008 fitting Surflex® anti-hop slipper clutch (Honda 450)
Surflex® wins where to win is difficult!
Jason Crump (Australia), 4th at Scandinavian Gran Prix, Malilla (Sweden) with Surflex® speedway plates
The new anti-hop Surflex® clutch for Ducati 1098
The new Surflex® kit for KTM/Beta 65
The brake pads Surflex® for Trial France Champions
Oscar Polli (Italy), World Champion 2008 fitting Surflex® anti-hop slipper clutch (KTM 450)
Two Italians at the top of the world: the racer and his Surflex® clutch.
Terenzano, April 7th, 2018,
Covatti and Castagna 1st and 2nd with Surflex® clutch discs
Lonigo Italian Championship, July 2018,
Covatti 1st with Surflex® clutch discs
Italian Championship, July 2020, Paco Castagna again on the podium with Surflex® plates for speedway
Nicolas Covatti, Italian Championship 2019: for the fourth time wins the title with Surflex® speedway plates
Gabriele Gnani, six times winner in the Austrian Championship (2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009) and seven times winner in the  European Alpe Adria (2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2015), for his unique bike has chosen Surflex® clutches
The Team Moto Club Rio Lanza, after the high performances in the Regional Championship,  wins again in the Italian Championshi, July 2020
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